19 years of experience in the Automotive

The Automotive branch is being disrupted

Innovation & electric driving

Change in business column

Increase in scale and fewer brand dealers

New players and powerful parts suppliers

Marketing Creator focuses specifically on the entrepreneurs within the automotive industry

e-scooter expert - automotive
  • Brand dealers - franchise

  • Dealers associations

  • After-market formulas

  • Independent car companies

  • Car body repair companies

Automotive expertise

Thanks to her Honda experience in Aftersales Business Development, Karin van den Berg has a good understanding of the relationships within the market. The years of experience with a dealer association, collective purchasing conditions parts and suppliers. Her expertise in loyalty programs ensures that she is a good strategic partner for SMEs in the automotive industry. Your own market position with better returns and fewer costs.

From conversations with brand dealers, independent car companies, suppliers and consultants, we are able to support excellent entrepreneurs within the automotive industry with their marketing. Marketing Creator works with experts from inside and outside the automotive market.

Based on a McKinsey, PWC, KPMG market analyzes and the clear disruptive technology-driven trends in the automotive industry, the Dutch car market is under severe pressure. We understand this and help companies further.

  • Strategic management

    • Brand bound, formula bound and / or independent
    • Business analysis and entrepreneurs board discussion
    • The entrepreneurs and his / her company and possible follow-up
    • In-depth financial analysis, solvency and liquid assets
  • Tactical management

    • Trade sales new and used
    • Lease, insurance and parts
    • Business optimization sales and aftersales
    • Loyalty programs, Guarantee insurance, Breakdown Assistance, Care-Mail
    • Marketing communication such as website optimization, sales funnels and social media
    • New channels, new additional services and brand-independent solutions
  • Operational management

    • Daily and monthly Key Performance Inidcators
    • Service Adviseur training, Health Check, PDCA en data analis (WESP)
    • Transforming under and over capacity workshop into additional sales opportunities
    • Marketing campaigns and promotional activities

For car companies, Marketing Creator can be the right partner for the marketing strategy and execution. With her franchise experience she knows how to bring innovative solutions within the automotive industry.

For small and medium-sized businesses, it has carried out short and longer assignments in which costs have been saved, visibility has been increased, leads have been realized and this has been achieved from an agreed budget.

Marketing Creator only works with experts and relations with a proven track record, with the confidence that they are better, faster and more effective in realizing complicated processes that benefit the automotive companies. Karin van den Berg applied the same philosophy during her time within Honda. Sharing the same experiences ensures that there is understanding, that knowledge is shared and that you come to a joint result.

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