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De expertise of Karin van den Berg

Karin van den Berg: “Visibility stands for me personally for daring to show your vulnerability. The life lessons make you grow as a person. My story starts in my youth. At a young age I noticed that people have their own living environment and therefore their own. A world with different boundaries, norms and values. My courses were created from a combination of creativity, technology and a tight business environment.”

Karin van den Berg: “From a continuous process of wanting to grow, learn and discover, I ultimately built up an expertise in the Automotive industry. Honda is a beautiful Automotive brand! From aftersales and business development I learned why companies help with their growth is so motivating. Through effective marketing activities, purchasing and sales strategies, more efficient processes and loyalty programs. For B2B (dealer network) and for B2C (consumers). ”

Nima Marketing Sales, other marketing & sales training courses and internal business development training have ensured that the activities led to better results.

The step to her own business Marketing Creator

Karin van den Berg: “My own company, Marketing Creator,

I started in 2012 within a business network. My years of Job crafting and personal development as an entrepreneur has made me the entrepreneur who can think big and has the focus to guide the way to it.

Because my quiet nature I know how to listen and analyze. I can warm up for the new technological developments that change our daily activities. The technology, Automotive, marketing automation, innovation, robotics and blockchain are knowledge areas that I research and where possible, apply to customers who develop.

At the moment I have been allowed to work for different companies, from technology, car companies, retail, trade, lifestyle and health. As a result, my expertise has grown further within the SME sector. I have focused on Automotive, technology, franchise, lifestyle and health.

Connecting with the entrepreneur, his or her current situation and the vision for the future of the company. That is the perfect opportunity for me to use strategic partnership for my clients. My Japanese company experience in hard franchise with a large partner network ensures that I look at the overarching needs and needs of the individual entrepreneur. I work with an ever-continuous improvement cycle, the Deming Circle for all my activities. Learn by doing, adjusting and continuing.

Karin van den Berg’s focus is mainly on strategic partnership for SMEs, automotive and franchise organizations

19 years of automotive experience, from trade, purchasing to business development and after sales.

Strategic partnership for more sales and less loss

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