Marketing Creator for marketing strategy and more turnover!


My name is Karin van den Berg, owner of Marketing Creator, and I help small and medium-sized companies at strategic level to achieve higher returns with less costs.

Through my knowledge and experience gained within the Automotive and SMEs. This makes me the strategic partner and make plans for structural growth with less loss.

Marketing Creator for innovative entrepreneurship within the chain


With extensive experience within the Automotive from different disciplines, Marketing Creator has built up an expertise about the market.

Aftersales Business Development is the heart of a car company. The engine of every company and by the many regular relations, projects and suppliers the point of attention for improving efficiency. Karin van den Berg guides car companies in their marketing. From sales new to more sales in the workshop for SMEs in the Automotive.

Marketing strategy

With a plan, a good marketing strategy, you have a firm grip as an organization. You have business goals that you would like to integrate into your marketing strategy. A marketing strategy plan therefore ensures that you can start and monitor all your marketing and sales activities.


Many franchise companies have a fixed structure in which entrepreneurs can be successful. A solid product or service, sufficient independence and marketing and promotional support. Marketing Creator has the experiences within and with franchise.

Quality program

Marketing Creator chooses a customer-oriented quality program which marketing processes and the chain are involved in innovative entrepreneurial market solutions. The right marketing strategy for organizations in a phase change.

Working websites

You want to get more from your website. Marketing Creator creates a new website or webshop based on your requirements. In addition to building a website, I set up improvement plans and optimize for Google for a higher conversion.

Outsource Social Media

How do you get more out of your social media activities now? Often there is no time to pay attention to this in a structured way. Is outsourcing an option for you? With a good plan, budget and objectives, I want to structurally improve the visibility of your company.

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