Franchise and the commercial added value!

Franchise is business development


Franchise companies are special. For Franchisors it is a scaling up with partners where the concept, product and service has proven itself. To grow a franchise successfully and the company needs to be managed from business development.

The necessary development of the franchisor and thereby the extremely well thought-out support for franchisees. As a franchisor, you now have more and more duties of care. The earnings model of the franchisees must be proportionate to and remain in relation to the payments and costs.

The foundation of franchise companies is crucial to success. The further development of the franchise formula from innovation, purchasing and full marketing. Everything must be carefully worked out in the marketing strategy.

Karin van den Berg has a lot of experience with hard franchise. In the Automotive from the franchisor and for the preventive health care for franchisees. Its importance is to keep the commercial added value in mind for all parties and it provides marketing and business advice from the figures.

Franchise start
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Franchise is process management

The consideration of entrepreneurs starting with a franchise company is that they offer the structure and marketing. Process management for a franchise organization therefore also relates to product and service development, marketing, purchasing and sales. The larger the franchise organization, the more processes are recorded.

Marketing Creator has the right experience to support small and medium-sized organizations in many different forms of franchise. My experience is built up by the Automotive from a franchisor and the franchisees point of view.

The dissolution of a Franchise contract

Dissolution for a franchisee has a very big impact on the organization. When they want out it has effect on the entrepreneur, the team, all internal processes, the product and all related services are re-evaluated. A completely new marketing strategy therefore starts from the backbone of the company.

It takes courage to become independent and to change the company’s direction. Marketing Creator has the expertise to support companies in this process. If you want to know more about what I can do for you, please contact me.

The new franchise legislation ensures better franchise responsibility for the franchisee. Incidentally, that responsibility works both ways. Through clarity, transparency and good consultation. The duty of care from franchisors is higher in the new franchise legislation.

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