Innovation, science fiction and marketing evaluation

Taking more people is often thought when things are going well. Is that the real solution? Or is a marketing evaluation better?

Often there are environmental factors and innovations in every industry that affect your business. Timely adjustments, bringing innovations and efficiency into your business means that you are more agile in the current market. Giving control to your company also means a marketing evaluation and an adaptation in the marketing strategy.


Innovatie, wetenschapsfictie en marketingevaluatie


Marketing developments are available in many different forms.

  • How are the developments in your market now?
  • What are the internal and external factors?
  • How can you realize the growth objectives?
  • How do you achieve your goal more effectively?
  • What budget is needed to realize this?
  • What savings do I realize in working hours and purchasing costs?

Innovation has to do with conviction. Many developments have been realized because they have been devised in films and series. Science fiction is literally translated as science fiction and is primarily represented by images of the future with fabricated technology. It is therefore good to investigate the possibilities of automation within your company. Specific solutions are available for marketing.
For efficiency in your company you can see how the resources, products and people / hours are sold. Automation and digitization, for example, greatly helps to save costs within your company. From marketing you can also improve this by looking at the possibilities differently. What changes are there in your target group and are new target groups accessible? What about up-selling and cross-selling? With a good plan you can measurably influence the results by proactively approaching the market instead of reactively selling.
It is good to look at your company or organization with an external view what is most effective. Contact Karin van den Berg of Marketing Creator for the right external look at a marketing evaluation. From a broad field of expertise I look at opportunities and opportunities in the market and in efficiency.

Warm regards,              

Karin van den Berg

Marketing Creator

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